Like many other of the glass structures, Mirrors add its own unique and stylish voice to any surrounding. Because of the constant use of a mirror, a carefully selected piece is of much importance, and none are better than the glass kind. Not just a device to look at oneself, it can be the difference between plain walls or a wondrous room. So choosing the right mirror piece, be it a framed or frameless piece, adds the right touch to your decor.


PGS profiles can be combined to create any style of window to meet any functional need. Your windows will be designed, manufactured and installed specifically for your home, in your chosen finish. Whatever the location and style of your home, there is a colour and finish to match it. Selecting a style that enhances the character of a house means increased value, decreased bills and beautiful looks, all with astonishingly low maintenance Selecting a style that enhances the character of a house.


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